Company Overview

CryLaS Crystal Laser Systems CryLaS, Crystal Laser Systems GmbH, is a privately-held company based in Berlin, Germany. CryLaS designs and manufactures diode-pumped solid-state lasers, based on microchip-technology, in the UV, VIS and IR for scientific and OEM-use with applications in biotechnology, analytics, imaging, sensor systems and micromachining. CryLaS products combine long term stability, low noise, small size and excellent workmanship. The product portfolio includes passively Q-switched pulsed ns lasers from 213 nm to 1064 nm, and DUV cw lasers at 266 nm.

Crystal Logo Crystal has been founded in 1990 with the idea to manufacture and process single crystal materials. Soon new materials, systems and applications have been added to the starting business. First activities in solid-sate laser technology started in 1995. Crystal has meanwhile developed and diversified to a company with different product groups for different markets. With respect to this situation and following the philosophy of total market and customer orientation the shareholders and the management decided to split the activities in two independent companies. Crystal GmbH handles the traditional business with optical components, wafers and substrates. CryLaS GmbH, Crystal Laser Systems GmbH, handles the laser business.


  • 2014, Mar.: CryLaS Inc. established in Fremont, USA
  • 2013, Feb.: New pulsed lasers at 213 nm
  • 2012, Oct.: Q4 laser series released
  • 2012, Sep.: 200 mW in deep uv cw laser
  • 2012, Jan.: CryLaS releases the Optical Parametric Oscillator
  • 2010, May: MOPA-lasersystem released
  • 2009, Aug.: Single frequency CW-266 nm-laser released
  • 2008, May.: CryLaS and EOLITE Systems, France sign an exclusive cooperation contract
  • 2007, Nov.: Secopta GmbH, subsidiary of CryLaS GmbH, received the Technology Award of the German Defence Industry
  • 2007, Nov.: 100% merge of NLG into CryLaS
  • 2007, Aug.: CryLaS moves to new premises
  • 2007, Jan.: CryLaS passes ISO 9001:2000 certification
  • 2006, Dec.: CryLaS acquires shares of NLG GmbH, Berlin, specialist for cw, single frequency lasers
  • 2006, Nov.: CryLaS acquires 91,5% of Secopta GmbH, Kiel, specialist for laser-based sensor systems in security applications
  • 2006: New product dye-laser with solid-state pump-laser
  • 2005: New product-line with IPL-technology for cosmetics and industrial applications
  • 2004: New business- and investment-strategy for product-divisions (crystals, laser) leads to Spin off Crystal - CryLaS in two independent companies
  • 2003: Microchip UV-laser, 355nm, 266nm, > 50µJ/pulse
  • 2002/2003: Investments in R&D, sales&marketing, production
  • 2002: VC-company joins Crystal GmbH
  • 2001: Microchip-laser 473nm, 532nm, cw, 1-10mW
  • 2000: Microchip UV-laser (355nm, 266nm, 100nJ, 1-20kHz)
  • 1999: Bragg-diode laser 860nm, 150mW
  • 1998: First blue laser, 430nm, 1mW, filmindustry
  • 1995: First activities in the area of solid-state lasers
  • 1990: Foundation of Crystal GmbH